Father of a St. Vrain Valley School District Youth

Our Rise therapist truly saved my daughter's life and without them, I am not certain my daughter would have survived.

Rise, typically an 8 week crisis intervention, maintained services almost 11 months at no cost to our family when most therapists were refusing to see young teens or had wait lists from 6 to 9 months long. Crisis is NOT something that can be postponed for insurance approval or wait listing a child. This crucial service was such a blessing for my family, and I cannot express my gratitude enough.

My daughter’s therapist took the time to get to know her personally and invested herself into my daughter's well-being. She went above and beyond the call of a normal psychologist finding unique ways to connect in therapy with my teenager at a teenage, relatable level. Her therapist made herself available day and night and created a life-long bond with my child, who still smiles with excitement at hearing her therapist's name.

My daughter’s therapist at Rise has helped her to self advocate and understand that her past history does not define a future outcome. My daughter now better understands how she deserves to be treated in the future, no matter what her past looked like. My daughter has slowly realized that certain core beliefs, which have shaped her life, were unhealthy and her therapist provided my daughter with the tools to begin the process of reshaping her perspective of healthy and unhealthy parent actions in her life in hopes to break this cycle for her future children.

The road ahead of my daughter will not be an easy path, but thanks to people like her therapist and Rise, my daughter has a future to look forward to with new skill sets to begin coping with her life struggles.

Please, as a father who has tried to navigate through the quagmire of POST-COVID mental health system nightmares for teens, I implore you to support, continue funding and expand Rise funding for the health and wellbeing of all the children.

Please, support Rise, let no child slip through the cracks or be left behind due to the severely broken mental health care system in Colorado.

Father of a St. Vrain Valley School District Youth